About Us


Our unique range of products are made for the modern Indian, who deserves to feel, live, and work better.

We are here to provied best quality Health & Fitness products for people who have choose to have better and healty life style.

We have started this Startup in 2020, After 1st lockdown, Where we have choose our product range which will give benefits to people to do workout at Home with there time. So they don't have to go to the gym and do heavy workout, Daily simple workout with our products will give them healty and maintain lifestyle.

In future, We have plans to bring more unique range of home wokout products for youth of India and better massage and relaxation products for adults also.

We are also planning to launch our first Made In INDIA Premium quality Fitness Tshirt Brand with name "ALPHA" and also first Made In INDIA affordable but high quality sports and fitness shoe brand. 

INFORMAL meaning of "ALPHA" : denoting a person who has a dominant role or position within a particular sphere.

So stay connected with us and live this ALPHA journey with us!

Thank You!

From Team ALPHA.